Spring 2010 proposal from Felipe

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Dear embassy of mexico lindo y querido.

A have a big proposal for all of you, for spring 2010 in Salzburg.

As I hear from all of you who are taking part of the Forum in Mexico DF and Oxaca that this is a big time to look for opportunities and make up projects.

I am one of the few who has not participated until now in any of the Embassy of The Last Summer projects and in this summer I will not be part of any. At least as an Artist.
But if any of you are making any project in Barcelona from 29th of June to the 14th and then in Berlin from 14th of July to the 22nd, please let me know to be present.

One of the reasons that has kept me so quiet is that I had a lot of work here in Salzburg, first with the school of http://www.SEAD.at and later with my dream coming true which is my work in http://www.toihaus.at , the one which is going to finally make my work papers possible.

Now that finally I have finished my studies here in Salzburg I want to be more active in our organisation and propose a meeting of work of Embassy of
New Creations of Whatever, in the theatre of Salzburg the Toihaus.

The idea of this new meeting is to continue with the collaboration of our group and our guest and expose us more as a collective. But the theme of it is not set yet.
After meeting with Myrto Dimitriadou, the artistic director of the Toihaus, about the logistics of the probable festival,or podium or forum that will take place in Salzburg in spring of 2010, we got to the conclusion that Embassy of and Guest should make up the artistic aim of the event.
Toihaus will give us the infrastructure, publicity in their market and some of the padium ( place to sleep) that will be required. The rest is for us to figure out. But in definitive we have 2 weeks on spring 2010 to use the toihaus as we want with our possibilities and limitations.

So how is that as a proposal for next spring?

The toihaus is a small theatre and it has his limitations but never the lest is opening hes doors for us.
The Cronogram or plan of work will take place frome now on. I think that the meeting in Mexico is nice opportunity to talk about it. I will try to answer all your doubt and comets as fast as possible as they reach me.
I will be the coordinating person berthing the theatre and Embassy of Boiling Water, but I also need to get a team of work how is more familiar whit our activities and hopefully whit time enough to work on this. I will hope that some how every body can participate as a creative mind just like wend we decide our name and of course i want to make sure that all information is going to be on the bloog.

Of course every body of us is in if you have the time and decide but participant on this event could be form out side of our group also. (because we work a lot whit other people also or not?) So there is not limitation.
Even due we have limitation as small theatre.

So the name of the event, the motivation, the them is from now on to us to decide.
we have tentative time to last week of august to decide about this and possible participants and make some logistic and internal casting find some subventions about it.
who much, and who many we are.

If this is possible in autumn we will make the publicity and the final marketing for the money that we need for this as well as the institution that can be also part this event. in other words give shape to the event even ones the statements are fix. By this time also the final dates of the event will be fix of course.

The last steep will be the more fun of all which is just make art together but about this i can not say any thing because you are the ones who are going to tell me.

So who wanna play.?????????????????????????????????

best regars


also you cna meet me

other kontact(o)s otros
others email.> otros
Felipe_salazar@hotmail.com (msn, hi5)
tel en Austria
no por el momento> not at the momet.

pd: Copie a mano este correo si es de su agrado. > copy this email by hand if you like it.

best regars Felipe

also you cna meet me in other kontact(o)s otros Skype> felipe.s.hidalgo.al.azar others email.> otros Felipe_salazar@hotmail.com (msn, hi5) tel en Austria no por el momento> not at the momet. pd: Copie a mano este correo si es de su agrado. > copy this email by hand if you like it.


Movement Reseach Spring Festival Roll Call

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Hello everyone.

The Movement Research Spring Festival is a week away. Just wanted to share the website: http://www.movementresearch.org/rollcall Marlene, Sarah Louise, Ligia and Agnieszka will be participating from abroad! Milka will be teaching a class and Noehmi will be blogging here in NYC.

The festival also got some press: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/dance/73432/the-movement-research-spring-festival-roll-call

Hope everyone is well!

Happy Spring, xoxo will


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hello all! i am currently studying for my b.ed. in dance. i am writing a big paper about teaching contemporary dance technique, and about the fact that being eclectic is by choice, and that it fits the post-modern age. there is not so much academic writing about this aspect of contemporary dance and this is actually a call for help, i am seeking some material about contemporary practices in dance training, teaching and about the use of several practices in contemporary times.

my love to all of you


Who is attending PRISMA?

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Let’s find out who is going to PRISMA so we can connect with each other 🙂


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Merde to those who are performing at Peformatica is this week! And thanks to Mayra for running such a great Festival:

Mamela Nyamza: Hatch
Hatch is a dance piece that seeks challenging issues of culture to convey, tradition and woman’s evolving sexuality with and outside the customary rites and rituals of marriage, starting from the time a girl-child is born until she realises her true identity after years of hardship in a loveless marriage.

Katalin Lengyel: The Beginning of the Fiction of the Science
The solo has its own little myth that is actually a story about a machine, a small black box that has appeared in the world and caused a huge mess everywhere when it started to talk. Why? Because nobody likes to hear their deeply hidden opinions revealed by a machine that looks like an old kind of typewriter that nobody knows anymore, to people they would definitely not tell. Its voice came from the sky and the earth; you could hear it echoing from the walls and macadam roads, on the streets and at home: nobody could escape from it. No more secret thoughts in the world! And the black box was talking and talking in its monotonous feelingless way. People went out on the streets and protested against the state system, some established churches where they put enormous amount of money in the belief of protecting themselves -so much energy without any result. The solution came only after all of these actions had failed, and made finally place for people that seemed to know the answer for long-long time. Their motto was: We do not think, don’t you do it either! -which practically speaks for itself. They found out that if the machine is able to tell everyone’s thoughts, the only chance to avoid it is not thinking. And because we think in language, it should be absolutely expelled from the mind and body. Isn’t it obvious! They did not stop at this point, oh no, one of their leader not-thinker also provided some methods for the folks to develop their own new understanding, communicating and interpreting system. In the future then nobody will remember anymore that there was a world where people used their mouth for talking. Good old language, adieu!

In my solo I did not go that far. I am still in the language system, but I already heard the machine talking and I am searching for solution by my own. I have several basic strategies against language thoughts based on my body possibilities. There are sections dealing with trance and monotony, such as breath and rhythm. And finally, everything is embedded in dance, the main method of all.

Christina MĂĽllenmeister: Roundtrip
This piece is a Roundtrip through the diversity of a moving body, a moving ego and a moving soul. Searching for starting and ending points of personal desires for extremes. Experiencing the presence of unconscious insufficiency. So, what is the meaning, what do I want to share with moving my body around? It is about the sensual experience of seeing a contemporary dance piece.

agnieszka&agnieszka: Things we can still do on stage
A dramaturgical construction of the performance will be based on the script of an adventure story. The form of the performance will be inspired by a musical show structure, mixed with slapstick comedy, horror film and dance video clips aesthetics. Within this frame we want to play with caricature, artificiality, superficiality, sentimentality, kitsch, (things which are “forbidden” in the contemporary performance world) and to present them as a chaotic world of children’s imagination. How will they alternate in it, gain new meanings? How child performers can change our way of perceiving them?

The idea is to give each child a possibility to interpret and embody the main character, a “superhero without a cause”. He will be in some way an anti-hero, struggling with his destiny and confusion. The hero will have many faces, as many as children performers on the stage. There won’t be any set character for any of them. Kids will smoothly go through different physicality, characters, heroes, styles so that each of them can experience and recreate the special and one of a kind appearance.

Gilad Ben Ari: Them
The piece deals with two main issues in regard to the reality of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

The first issue is the mechanisms of separation that exists within the Israeli society, and between the two societies, not necessarily by direct means of the state. The way we are able to live next to each other, yet, manage/chose to encapsulate our reality to the limited relevant surrounding for our needs. There is no one conception of the reality that as such it’s problems can be addressed and solved, but there are multiple conceptions that do not coincide. The piece tries to ask how can we deal with the problems of the region, when we don’t even agree on what are those problems, and what is the reality in which we live.

The second issue that the piece deals with is the movement restrictions inside the occupied Palestinian territories; restrictions enforced by Israel in order to regulate the movement of Palestinians from one city to another within the bounds of the occupied territories, and not between the territories and Israel.

This subject is the base for the movement vocabulary of the piece. This issue is addressed as one of the aspects of what the mechanisms of the separation can enable.

GĂ©nĂ©rique in New York with Embassy of Nature is Fucked

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Monday, December 8, 2008, 8:00pm
Movement Research Fall Festival at Judson Church
Générique: presentation of everybodys toolbox The presentation was supported by Embassy of Nature is Fucked: DD Dorvillier, Milka Djordjevich, Trajal Harrell and Sarah Beth Percival.

Ophelia is Not Dead

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Let’s find out who is making an Ophelia is Not Dead. Please comment with any information, dates, links etc. Here is the text from Lenio’s email that helped initiate the idea:

I was wondering about Trajal’s proposal: to create many “Ophelia is not dead ” pieces.
And the truth is that I really like this idea!!!!!!!!!!!. Many “Ophelia is not dead”s in the world, touring in different places, having different concepts, different collaborators.
I’m formulating a proposition about a piece that I would like to realize next summer.
Do you agree that I use this title in order to start to spread in the world this project?
The question addresses to all of us, and for sure to Alex who came up with the title and Trajal who proposed the idea.
The use of this title in my opinion allows different pieces, contexts, and associations to be connected in an indirect way with the web that we have created. And basically I feel it’s so funny to find ourselves in 5 years with 10 pieces of the same title, confusing maybe some audiences and programmers about which piece is which and “whose”…

We can then update the info on the projects page and add any dates to events. Also if you have any other dates you’d like to post let us know.

AND DON’T FORGET: Send bios and info to the appropriate people to update your page. If you don’t remember who to send it to, just send it to Milka.

Public Service Projects

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Hello Everyone. I’ve created a projects page on the blog as way to put up information on the things we are making in Embassy of. This would include our Public Service Projects, Ophelia is not Dead, The Giant Women Project, etc. If you have specific thing you’d like to put up, either post a comment to this post with the information or email me. Anything relevant like photos, videos and links would be great.

I’m trying to remember all the Public Service Projects. Can you all help me by letting me know who was in each group and I know I’m missing groups too. Here is what I can remember. My apologies for not remembering everyone and all of the groups. Please let me know if there is a better name for a group, who all was in each group and if I put someone in the wrong group. Thanks! xoxo Milka

Shade Service: Francois, Lenio, Sara, Felipe, Joe

Squarcle: Emma, Sifiso, Ligia, Julia, Izabela and Nunu

The Festival of Short Pleasures: Asi, Agnieszka, Edna, Gilda, Aloun, Yuki and Ivana.

Video Documentation: Venke, Marlene, Branka, Milka, Sita, Ana Lucia

You Are Beautiful: Will, Alex, Corinne, Brendan, Vali and Madalina

Chain Message/conversation: Simon, Christina, Sarah

Giving Bodies: Myra, Nohemi, Cecelia

Undecided/Individual: Ionut, Aparna, Julia, Aitana

Video box group: Christina MĂĽllenmeister, Andreas Dyrdal, Mia Cabalfin, Ran Brown, Alexis Vassiliou, Kyli Kleven, Janet Novás Rodriguez – facebook video

Neo Anthropi group: Gillie, Florentina, Gina, Steven, Chris and Gilad

Photos: Simon and Edit

“Embassy of” (open format) and “Future Crash” (closed format)

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OK about our name there is no need for a top five, basically its between

“Embassy of” (open format) and “Future Crash” (closed format)

instead of a points system i think we need to just discuss these two, and than come up with a decision.

i support embassy of since i fill that not enough people have been involved in the discussion on the blog, and that was the name most supported when we where all still there in Vienna.

i suggests we all vote for just one option during this week.

and than next week (07.10.08) we declare a name and give it another week to be challenged.

people please go on the blog and just give your input with a name you support, so that a decision really reflect us as a group.

(by the way i really need us to have a name since i already want to launch a project under our collective/collection)

that’s it, big love


Movement Research Critical Correspondence Interview

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Movement Research‘s Critical Correspondence interviewed New York based danceWEBbers about the danceWEB program. You can read it here. Please add your thoughts and ideas by commenting at Critical Correspondence or on this post!

photo by Otto Ramstad

photo by Otto Ramstad

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